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July 17, 2012
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<NOTE: If you're turned down by how long this tf is (~11 pages on MSWord XD), please note that it's TWO werewolf transformations with story, yeah. Don't think I wrote 11 pages of one dude rolling on the floor in pain XD>

I picked up my pace to a slow run as I raced down the halls. I needed to get to my brother's classroom, Room 60, as soon as possible so I could get his camera without missing much of the school talent show. So far it was great, people who could actually sing, some cool dancers, but Jonathan was gonna be up, and I needed to video him. Mom forced me to, but first I need Jonathan's camera, which he'd left up in his classroom. Idiot.

Grade's been two years since I've attended this school, but it was still completely fresh in my mind. The white brick walls, the green tiled floor, I still remembered where each and every class was.

I dashed up the flights of stairs and pushed the door to the sixth-grade class open. I ran to Jonathan's desk and pulled out the new silver point-and-shoot camera he got for his birthday. I turned around as the camera started up, but nearly dropped it when a low voice boomed through the shadows.

"What'cha got there, Mister Rein?"

I turned to the direction of the voice – it came from a figure hidden in the shadows of the room. The only light was the light from the hall, so I could barely make out its appearance. I quickly stuffed my hand into my sleeve with the camera. My heart was pounding in my chest. Who's there?

"Wh-who are you?" I stammered.

"C'mon, Mister Rein, it can't be that hard to figure out." The dimly lit figure jumped off from the desk it was sitting on. I've seen that enough times.

"Mister Davis." I sighed in relief. "Don't scare me like that."

"Heh, I don't remember you being scared so easily, Mister Rein." Mr. Davis stepped out of the shadows and into the light. I could then clearly see all of his features – the same black hair between spiky and flat, the usual button-down and khakis outfit, his thick-rimmed glasses in front of his deep blue eyes, and his thick stubble. The good old days when this twenty-eight year old man was my coach flashed back into my mind. "You were always so fearless during basketball games."

"This is different – it's, uh, it's dark up here, and who knows who could be lurking in these shadows." I replied. "And, please, you don't have to call me 'Mister Rein'. Andrew does just fine."

"Okay, then, Andrew. just doesn't sound right." He said to himself. "Are you sure I can't just call you Mister Rein?"


"Sure thing, bud. Anyways, you still haven't told me what you're sneaking into this room for." Mister Davis pointed at the camera hidden under my sleeve, but his blue eyes still pierced inside my skull.

It suddenly hit me that I was sneaking into this classroom. The rooms are off limits during the show. "Oh, yeah, oops." I looked down. "Sorry about that, Mister Davis. I just needed to get my brother's camera." I raised the camera for him to see. He was Jonathan's teacher, no need to hide anything from him. "You know, Jonathan's in the talent show, and—"

In a quick and sudden movement, Mister Davis stepped forwards and hit the camera out of my hands. It smashed against the ground and slid under a desk.

"Mister Davis! What was that for?" I hit the floor and reached out to try and grab the camera, check to see how damaged it was – mom and Jonathan are gonna kill me - but Mister Davis stepped in front of me and blocked my way.  I looked up at him, now towering me, and clenched my teeth. "What do you think you're doing?!"

"I see it in you, Andrew." He whispered. His normal, cheerful, look was replaced by a menacing leer. "I've always seen it, but now you're of age. This is my chance."

"Chance?" I froze where I was – this isn't the coach I once knew. This isn't who he is. He was outgoing, exciting, not....whatever this is. What was going on? "I have no idea what you're talking about, Mister Davis," I stood up and patted the dirt off of my pants, "But I have a talent show I'm supposed to be at, and a brother, your student, that I have to video." My voice was rising – I was really getting annoyed right now. "This isn't the time for games! Now cut this out and move aside so I can—"

Mister Davis cut me off with a punch straight to the gut. My body flooded with pain as I collapsed to the floor, grabbing my stomach. He quickly made his way around me, shutting the door and flicking on the lights. Though I was on the ground in pain, I could still hear his faint laugh.

"I've waited for the right one, one I could raise as my own." Mister Davis looked down at me; his face resembled a maniac with his giant grin. "Ever since I first saw you at those basketball tryouts, I knew it would be you, Andrew. I've waited patiently since that day for this chance. I've finally got it!" He clenched his fists and screamed out, "And I won't lose it!"

Those last words came out more as a roar than his normal voice. I pulled myself up and leaned onto a desk for balance so I could see what was going on with Mister Davis.
"It's time, Andrew." Mister Davis walked up to me and stared into my eyes. I couldn't help but stare at his. "The moon has risen, and so have I."

I screamed as his blue eyes slowly faded into bright yellow eyes with cat-like slits for pupils. He smiled, displaying a magnificent set of sharp, pointed, fangs.

"Mister Davis?!"I slowly backed away from Mister Davis, bumping into a desk. "Wha-what's going on?!"

"I am being called, so I shall answer." He whispered as his ears slowly morphed around so they were pointed, like an animal's – like a wolf's. "Don't you hear it, Andrew? You are being called, too."

I strained to hear whatever was calling, but there was nothing. Just Mister Davis' grunts as his shoulders pulled back and broadened. "I don't hear anything, Mister Davis. I have no idea what you're talking about. Now could you just move aside so I can—"

"NO" He roared. I jumped back and knocked a desk over, I was shaking in fear. What was he doing? "You must stay. You need to answer the moon's call."

"The moon can't say anything!" I yelled back, though even I could hear the shaking in my voice. "You're crazy!"

"Maybe I am," Mister Davis smiled as the nails on his hands slowly grew and poked out of his skin, forming claws. Claws? What was happening to him? "But you're gonna go crazy, too! All of us do! And you can't hide from your wolf!"

"There's no wolves here, you stupid—" I cut my self off as the thought filled my head. Wolf. Moon. He was...he was changing. Mister Davis for sure wasn't human; he was a—"Werewolf."

"Yes, Andrew." Mister Davis smiled at me as he bent forwards – if he was a werewolf, that meant that his bone structure was changing, so his back must've been morphing. "I've been a werewolf for seven years, now, watching children to see if they had the potential to hold this gift."

"Gift?" I argued. "There's no gift here! You're-you're a-a-" the word was on the tip of my tongue, Mister Davis wasn't a normal human. This was no gift. "A Monster! This is a curse you're trying to put on me!"

"Don't you ever say that about us!"  He roared.

What was happening? This wasn't normal. Mister Davis and I never fought. We were buddies. He was my favourite teacher. We always agreed with each other – there was never anything wrong. But now... he wasn't the Mister Davis I remember. This was a new side – his monster side.

He unbuttoned his shirt and threw it to the ground, revealing his well built body. Strong muscles and six pack. I watched as his body twisted in odd positions – clear signs that his bones were moving around.

His screams filled the empty room as I stood there, petrified as I watched my former teacher's bones snap and reform constantly  as he was screaming...yet smiling. I heard a loud shattering sound and he clutched his ribcage, but even then his mouth was still open in a maniacal grin baring white fangs, and his eyes still glimmered as if if he was enjoying it.

I saw a giant wave of pain go through him, and he slammed onto the desk beside him to stop him from falling. His breathing was heavy and raspy, and his chest was inflating and deflating rapidly. He arched his back, and his vertebra started to poke out of his skin. This was the perfect time to escape, but I couldn't move my body – it was still frozen in shock.

He coughed and gagged, and I could tell his organs were moving around and trying to be more wolf-like. I screamed as a rumbling appeared in the back of his pants, and a tail made its way through his khakis. It was mostly bare, but a small layer of long hair protruded from it as it wagged slightly behind him.

Even though he was a monster, I felt sympathy for him. Mister Davis was in extreme pain, I could see it in his eyes. Though they were no longer the ocean blue which you could get lost into, they were still his. His body ached everywhere – I could tell.
"M-mister Davis..." I reached my hand out as if to comfort him, but I couldn't. I was too scared. "Are-are you okay?"

"Heh, I'm fine." Mister Davis said through clenched teeth. His voice sounded like he was still holding back screaming. "It's-it's- everything's going....according plan." He turned to face me, his eyes gleaming and his tongue sticking out onto his fangs. Either it was just me, or his stubble just magically transformed into an actual beard.
"Plan? You-"

He cut me off with a blood curdling scream that echoed through the room and pierced my ears. He lost his balance completely and fell down onto his knees. He didn't bother trying to hold his composure. He screamed in pain, his hands grabbing at his body to try and get whatever was hurting him off, but we both knew there was nothing there.

"Mister Davis!" I ran up to him and placed my hand on his bare back, but he roared and hit my hand away. "Mi-mister Davis!"

Mister Davis roared in pain as his chest slowly started to push outwards. His ribs were widening forwards and it clearly hurt. He was clawing at his chest, trying to relieve himself from the pain but it was of no use. Soon it was clearly sticking out of his body.
He paused for a few seconds and got the chance to breath, I guess, before a new wave of pain hit him. He screamed again as his chest muscles started to expand. I stepped back as his screams melted into cries into roars. His decent build grew, hardened, and defined itself even more as his chest muscles completely morphed and grew past the "great build" definition and into a "massive giant" type of pectorals.

His chest stopped expanding and he placed his hand on his right arm. His cries for help were useless as his biceps inflated and greatly grew in size. They bubbled out and grew into huge, intimidating, muscles that lay on his arms. His triceps followed suit, and soon his arms were built as well as his chest.

After his arms doubled – maybe tripled – in size, he clutched his stomach and fell sideways. He choked and gagged as if someone was repeatedly kicking the air out of him and his good six-pack slowly inflated into a huge eight-pack of abs.

Some of the girls around my age think he looks "smokin' hot" or "super sexy", or maybe some other teenage girl type of thing, but on the floor, screaming and nearly crying, he was none of those. He was a cursed man. A werewolf who was facing immense pain and being transformed into a beast, and there was nothing he could do about it.

"Mister Davis!" Tears were starting to blur my vision. He was hurting. "Mister Davis! What-what can I do to help you?!"

"Nothing, my friend." He raised himself onto all fours, but even this looked like it was a huge task.  "There is nothing we can do."

He screamed again, and I saw his legs bubble up just like his arms did. Soon, his pants were ripped in many places so the muscles could expand even more.

He let out a wild roar as his shoes broke apart to make way for his morphed paw-like feet with claws just like his hands'.

Mister Davis pulled himself up and placed his hand on his chest which was now rapidly growing hair. Hair grew in thick batches across his chest, and soon after that, on his arms. He examined his body as hair was starting to appear everywhere. Soon, his whole body was covered in a thin layer of jet black fur.

"I can hear it." Mister Davis whispered. "The moon's full calling. It's my time!"

I jumped back slightly as Mister Davis came crashing to the ground again. He pulled himself up onto all fours again and raised his head. I was just about to ask what he was doing when he bared his fangs and screamed. I let out a little yelp, too, as I watched his nose come crashing in with his jaw and slowly pull away from his face. I could see it in his eyes. Immense pain. Nothing a normal human could ever bear to withstand. His skull was pushing outwards and morphing – his face cracking and reforming. He was screaming like crazy – growing a muzzle did seem like it would hurt. Soon, his ears also crawled up the side of his head and pointed at the top. He howled as his muzzle snapped into place.

I called his name as he got up, his tail, now covered in black fur, wagging around wildly as hair continued to grow around his body. He yelled and I saw his muscles tighten more just before his pants ripped off of his body completely, but his body already started growing a thicker layer of fur. A type of mane grew around his neck and down his chest, and the area around his hips was already completely furred over.

He smiled at me as his body finished up its changes – the faint snapping of bones just fixing up, the last bits of hair, the final expansion of muscle, and his teeth and claws sharpening even more.

He let out a howl and effortlessly swiped at the desk beside him, but sending it flying across the room.

"Mi-Mister...Mister D-D-Davis?" I slowly backed away from the giant monster that was towering over me – this was Mister Davis. was nothing like him at all. "Hello? Are...are you still there?"

The werewolf threw away another desk and roared at me. I braced myself for the worst, but it didn't attack. I looked at it- looked at him- standing in front of me. His eyes...they were still the evil-looking yellow, but they had Mister Davis' shine in it.
"Yes." Mister Davis said. The voice was deep and intimidating, but it was still – for sure – Mister Davis'. "I'm here, Mister Rein."

"'re a werewolf." I lowered my arms and stared at the furry beast. Its eyes looked like it was judging me. It's Mister Davis! I have to say his!
"Yes, I am, Mister Rein." Mister Davis took a few steps towards me. "I am a man, gifted with the power of the moon. Look at what it's given me."

"It's turned's turned you into a monstrous beast!" I yelled at him. I readied myself to dodge an attack, but he simply looked at me and sighed.

"That's what we all think." He said. "I felt that way, too, when I was first bitten. But that was an accident, what happened to me. I can see the power of the moon in you. And it's waiting to be released, Andrew. I will help you obtain that strength, whether you like it or not!" The last part came out more like a roar than the rest, and Mister Davis jumped at me.

I rolled to the right and made my way towards the door, but I was too slow. He raced through the class on all fours and pinned me down from the front with a hard tackle.
"Mister Davis! Please!" I cried. "Let me go! I'm just a boy! I don't want to be a werewolf! I don't have 'the power of the moon'!"

"Silence!" He roared as he pressed his paws down onto my shoulders. "This will hurt, but it will hurt more if you struggle."

He roared again as he brought his teeth down on me. He pierced his fangs deep into my left shoulder, and my cries of pain flooded the room. I felt my arm weaken, and I could smell the blood rushing out of the place where Mister Davis bit me. I struggled and tried to free myself from the choking grip of his teeth, but his werewolf strength was too much. I even tried to push him off with my right hand, but all I got was muscle and hair – he wouldn't even budge.

He kept held on tight as his fangs were squeezing the life out of me. I felt my warm blood rush down my arm, and I started to get lightheaded. He kept latched on no matter how much I resisted. I could feel myself fainting, the hairy figure in front of me blurring out when he finally unlatched and stepped back, his muzzle now covered in my blood.
"You are ready. It is only going to be a few moments before the power passes through you, too."

"Argh." I pushed my back up and leaned on my right arm. Somehow, my light-headedness had passed already, and my left arm wasn't aching as much as a few seconds ago. "That-that hurt! I can't believe you just-so am I...So I'm a werewolf now?" Mister Davis nodded. "So just turned me into a beast?! I'm a monster because of you?!"

"Andrew, you don't understand. You were born for this. I had to."

"I was not born to be a monster!" I somehow got up. My left arm wasn't completely useless, it just felt tired. It barely hurt when I put weight on it. Why? "You just cursed me to be like you!"

"Andrew! This is destiny. I questioned why I was a werewolf for years, now! Me, of all people, into this!" Mister Davis roared. "But I finally found out why. You are destined for greatness – don't hide it, accept it!"

"What greatness?!" I stomped my way up to Mister Davis and readied a punch with my already-healed left arm. "I come from a normal Canadian family, I go to a normal Canadian school, and I have normal Canadian friends! There's no greatness in me! But now there's a curse!" The word curse came out in a roar instead, but it didn't matter to me as my fist was already flying at Mister Davis' stupid, hairy, face.

The blow hit him straight on, but he didn't react much. He simply took a step back from the impact, and stared at me with a deadly glare. He was silent, though.

"A stupid curse to turn me into an ugly monster! One that looks like you!"

As I finished that sentence, Mister Davis roared and dove straight at me, knocking me to the ground yet again. I didn't care, though, I continued to taunt him and insult stupid werewolves. Even if I was one now, I didn't have to like it.

"You foolish boy!" He spat. Literally. Werewolf spit splattered on my face, but I couldn't wipe it off in this position – he pinned me down again. What was I doing? I could never win a fight against him. Why couldn't I just stop all this? "You do not understand the gifts that you had before, and the gifts you've also been given! I chose you because I saw great power in you, but now look at you!"

"Look at me?!" I screamed back. "I'm not the fluffball here!"

"Well you will be soon enough, and I hope you learn to accept it!" Mister Davis picked me up with little effort and quickly dashed to the other side of the room – the side with the window. He pushed me up against the wall and used his paw to force my eyes on the moon.

The moon. It was beautiful: as white as snow, as luminous as a candle in a pitch-black cellar, and as attracting – calling – and as beautiful as as a flower in an empty field. I was lost. I couldn't move, I couldn't speak. All I could do was stare at it as I heard it faintly whisper my name.

I didn't even notice when my teeth started to morph – grow longer and sharper to rip those in my way to pieces. I didn't even notice when my ears morphed and pointed out to look more wolf-like. I didn't even notice when my fingernails grew and stretched out to form claws.

"I told you. It's power inside of you." Mister Davis whispered, but I could still barely hear it. The moon kept me in a trance. I couldn't look away. I couldn't shift my attention at all. Something kept me at it, but I didn't even know what.

"I hear it." I heard myself whisper, but it sounded odd – distant. It wasn't my voice, yet it sounded so familiar, like it was something I've always known.

"It's easier if you at least take off your shirt," Mister Davis said. "Here, I've got it." I heard him creep up behind me and I felt his claws up against my chest. He quickly brought it down and it tore through the cloth, ripping it straight through the middle. The scratch should've hurt me, but it didn't. It just seemed to be there on my chest. A little pinch at the most.

I felt something surge through me, and I leaned forwards against the wall. I could hear tiny cracks popping. It suddenly occurred to me that they were my bones starting to reform.

Mister Davis bit the back of my shirt with his muzzle and ripped it off me, revealing my body to be shone down upon by the moonlight - its cold warmth on my skin as I felt my shoulders broaden. I heard the snapping of bones in the distance. The sound felt so close, yet so far.

I arched my back as my spine started to twist. I could feel my bones moving around and morphing into a new form – a werewolf form. A scream erupted from my body as my ribs shattered, didn't hurt. It felt right. Like they were in an awkward position then, and it felt like they moved for the best as they recollected into a wider position.
I grunted as I felt the beating of my heart quicken, and my stomach churn. I knew that my organs were growing – enlarging to fit the beast I was to become. But I didn't fight it. The moon shining down on me, it felt amazing. I was happy.

I felt a snapping feeling in my arms and watched as my bones moved around – snapping and mending, pulling and pushing to make my arms longer and sleeker. Better for running. Better on all fours.

I felt a tugging at my pants, and I could feel that Mister Davis was pulling away at my pants with his muzzle, but I didn't care. I let him sink his teeth into my new jeans, and I was fine as he ripped them off. They were starting to choke me as my body was morphing, and as the denim left my legs bare, I felt as if walls were broken – freeing me from the small world of humans, and opening up the world of wolves – the world of nature.

I kicked my shoes off as I felt my feet start to morph, I looked down and watched as they shifted into a more paw-like form and claws protruded from my toenails. Why my transformation didn't hurt? I didn't know. The whole thing felt like it was meant to be.
Mister Dalton finished stripping me down using his muzzle just as a wave of pain flooded my body. I fell down to the ground and screamed as I felt my body starting to morph even more.

I felt the moon shining on my naked body, calling for the beast inside to come out. I clenched my teeth as I felt my spine grow, a great force pierced from the bottom of my back, and I felt something beating at a steady pace against my legs. A tail. It slowly grew, causing my back to twist and snap, leaving me screaming.

I lost air. I couldn't breathe. I looked down and saw my chest starting to push outwards. I gasped for air, desperately trying to lessen the stress on my lungs, but nothing worked. I sat there on my knees as my chest morphed and bubbled outwards, my bones moving to match it, too.

I braced myself for the worst, as this was the part I remember seeing Mister Davis struggle the most – the muscles. But it didn't really hurt as a burning feeling flooded my body. It was fighting against the cold, calming, moonlight that was there first, but I could feel the heat as my skin started to itch. I watched in horror as my chest muscles hardened and grew, forming strong pectorals.

I stared in a mix of disgust and awe as my arms bubbled out, the muscles expanding to form huge better-than-body-builder arms. It was odd, being a kid and having these huge imbalanced arms, but it was amazing. Amazing what the moon could do to someone. I fell over and clutched my stomach as I saw my abdomen bubbling – abs were growing and forming a rock-hard eight-pack wall.

I felt my body twist and turn as my legs grew, too, as my bone structure changed a bit more. My quadriceps inflated with huge muscles, and I smiled as I examined my body.
I knew what was coming next.

I started laughing as I saw tufts of fur come out from my chest, followed by more brown fur randomly across my body. It sprouted on my arms, on my legs, on my back – it didn't matter where it was, I just knew that it was meant to be there. The growing layer of brown fur to hide my naked body – to make me a wolf.

I watched in awe as the fur grew longer and thicker, covering my skin with a thin layer of fur.  I looked at my hands and feet – they were changing to be even more like paws. I felt my fingers snap and grow and watched as my hands elongated. I loved it.

I roared as a pain covered the front of my face, but I was still smiling. I saw it coming – the growth of my muzzle. I screamed and tried to push my skull back to normal with my paws, but the change was inevitable. My nose clashed with my jaw and my skull pulled my skin and features to form a full-grown muzzle.

I started to laugh when it snapped into place. My body's changes were just finishing up. I felt my hair grow longer to match the fur which was quickly gaining. I felt it completely cover my body in a warm, thick, comfortable layer. My screams transformed into howls as my vocal chords tore and reformed, and I felt my bones snap into the perfect position. My muscles hardened even more, and my claws extended just a tiny bit more.

I howled at the moon and I could tell my eyes were now Mister Davis'. I was no longer Andrew Rein. I was a werewolf.

A slow clapping filled the room as I started getting used to my new body. My senses felt odd – all of them – but it wasn't so hard.

My vision cleared and my light-headedness quickly passed, and I saw Mister Davis standing in front of me.

I looked down at my body. I was covered in a thick layer of soft brown fur. I looked down and saw claws on my now paw-like hands and feet, and my tail beat steadily at my legs. This couldn't have been real.

"No...this...this has to be a dream!" I said to myself, but my voice came out in a deep growl instead. "This can't be real!"

"It's reality for certain, Mister Rein." Mister Davis smiled. Of course, it wasn't him. It was simply a beast that resembled him.

"I'm not just a resemblance, Mister Rein, I am me." His deep werewolf voice growled as he stopped clapping.

What? He could hear me? Maybe it was just a coincidence. Maybe I should try talking.

"I can understand everything you're thinking, Mister Rein, it is no coincidence."

I stepped back, wide-eyed. He could...he could hear my thoughts?

"Yes." He walked up to me. "Werewolves can't always talk in the midst of action. We can connect with our thoughts, too. It keeps us together."

"But, that's not possible! And...none of this....this isn't real! I'm dreaming! I'm still in bed at home! I'm not a monster!"

"You'll have to accept, Andrew!" Mister Davis cut me off with a loud roar. "I was like you, too," his voice calmed down. "When I was first turned, I denied it. I hid it all. I pretended like none of it ever happened. But I knew inside me that I had to accept it someday.

"But...werewolves are myths and legends, all fiction! Werewolves don't exist! It's not like we're Twilight or anything!"

"Twilight is a disgrace to all werewolves! And so are all the other werewolf fiction things you kids watch or read."

"So...I'm actually...and you're really..."

"Yes. We are both werewolves. And I can train you."

"Train me?"

"I will take you under my roof. I see your power, and I will help you master it, Mister Rein.

I didn't know what to think. Could I trust the man who has just cursed me?

"Yes. You can, for I am still Mister Davis."

"Wait a sec... werewolves can read each others' can read yours, too?"

"Yes. But for now, it is just me. You'll need to develop a closer connection with other werewolves first."

"I think I've got it..." I concentrated, and I could feel more than hear Mister Davis saying 'I knew it. I knew you had the power inside you.' It sent a chill down my spine. "Okay. I'll join you, Mister Davis. But answer this, first...please."
"I will do my best to do so."

"What is this power you keep talking about?"

"Of the moon! I've explained this countless times this past half hour, Mister Rein!" He directed my attention to the moon. "It took you about one tenth the time a newly transformed should take to enter full werewolf form! And it hurt you nowhere near as much as it should of. I've been a werewolf for seven years, and it's a horrible pain to transform, but you – you did it and it hurt as much as a tickle on your skin. It's because this is your bloodline! You were meant to be a werewolf."

"But... why me?" I looked down as I fisted my furry paw. "Why this helpless boy of all people?"

"I can't answer that." He looked at me and smiled. "But let's go. You have much to learn."
Mister Davis ran to the window and jumped. He smashed through the glass, broken shards flying everywhere, but he was unaffected. It didn't seem to hurt him in his werewolf form.
I followed him and I landed perfectly on all fours. We were on the second floor, did I...?

"I'll teach you the basics of hunting privately, then we'll meet with the pack!" He ran off on all fours. He was quick, he was nimble, he was a black blur in the shadows of the night. He was amazing. I got down and started running on all fours. It somehow felt right. My body acted upon instinct, moving what it felt was best. Soon I was on Mister Davis' tail, on the way to kill.

I have never forgotten the day Mister Davis gave me this wonderful gift. I now thank him for showing me my true potential.
Yippe for bad titles!

Phew! This was looooooooooong!
Sorry it's been a month and a week since I've last uploaded anything, this was done for a week but I just needed to read over it.

Anyways, this is a new OC I really like and wanna work with:
Mister Davis!
I've got a whole bio/character sheet set up that I'll upload eventually, but yeah...this guy is one you'll see again. Sorry if you don't like him =P

Now that this is done, I'll work on those requests and some "WolfIt!"s. Is that a good name for when I werewolf up video game/show/book characters?

Okay, this is turning into a journal now... so here it is.
I didn't intend for it to be this long, it started with and idea of a teacher I like being a werewolf, then I thought of a TF, then that sprouted Mister Davis. So here he is!
Hope you like it :D
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Glad to know you enjoyed it, though :)
ricsi6 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
This makes me unhappy to hear it, but I understand, we have more important things, maybe you haven't got enough time. In my plan is an another story, which would be the basis for which yours - a kid transfroms to a ww, but I'm afraid, you would be angry for me, because I've stolen your idea... so I don't know... and first I must finish my current job. Oh, and almost forgot, Werewolf's Curse 1-2 is awesome stories too, I'm courius, what's going to be their continuation!
Courage-and-Hope Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, I don't mind you using my story for inspiration!
It makes me happy that someone wants to do that, and it's great that you told me about it. By all means, go ahead! :)

And thanks. I had plans for whatever the rest would be but never anything definite. I never got to writing it.
ricsi6 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
Clear, and thank you too! :)
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